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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 1, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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we'll see you tomorrow. from new york, good night, from new york, good night, america. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> bret: this is a fox news alert. police in suburban washington, say the gunman who entered the discovery communication building in silver spring, maryland, this afternoon and took three hostages there have been shot dead. the hostages are all safe. just to give you some perspective here, from where we're sitting a few blocks from capitol hill -- from the capitol, silver spring is just about a half-hour drive depending on beltway traffic. there was a lot of it today. national correspondent catherine herridge is on scene with the latest. good evening. >> reporter: thank you, bret. i want to set the scene for everyone. i'm two blocks from the discovery building. you can see it over my shoulder. in this whole area, ten square block area, traffic is still blocked off. if you hear sort of a pinging or ringing sound, that's the
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traffic signals. the area clearly has not been opened up yet. a short time ago, they had the most recent conference here. at the site. the montgomery county police chief, the local police chief here confirmed that the gunman was shot dead at 4:48 eastern and officers used lethal force to take him out. he confirmed that the suspect which we identified as james lee entered the building at approximately 1:00 eastern. he carried with him a vest, and also a gun. in addition, we learned a few minutes ago he had two boxes. and two back packs. police here are still work ing under the theory that the boxes and back packs still in the building behind me may contain explosives. we learned that negotiation process or a communication began with the gunman. it went on for a couple of hours and then around 4:00, things were not going well and the tension was ratcheting up. at this point, tactical
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officers had moved in to the ground forearea of the discover -- ground floor area of the discovery building and they were able to see the gunman james lee with a camera that was now in place. just before 4:48, the suspect pulled out the handgun and pointed it at the hostage. one of the hostages. it was at that point that the police here felt that the hostages were in imminent danger and that's when they made the decision to use lethal force. i think one of the most striking things throughout the afternoon, some information that we had very early that came from discovery channel employee who said to us that james lee had a history of conflict with the discovery channel and that he had staged a demonstration here a couple of years ago. in addition, this employee said to me he was wearing a vest when he came in the building with what looked to him as two pipe bombs and a series of canisters that were around it. he also carried something in his hand that may have been what is called a dead man's trigger. the reason i mention that is because police confirmed that
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once lee was shot, there was an explosion when he fell to the floor. that would be consistent with the information that we've been reporting throughout the afternoon, bret. >> bret: what are authorities saying about his motives behind why he did this? he has a history of protests, trying to get the discovery channel to air certain kinds of shows? >> reporter: mm-hmm. what we were told at the news conference is just simply he had a history of conflict with the discovery channel. the discovery channel employee told me separately that he was sort of adamant about nature and wildlife. and that he had grievances with the discovery channel program based on the belief and avid reader of the ishmael booklet or tablet which is online. i'm not familiar with it. but i understand it has to do with wildlife issues. so that may have been the grievance. what was clear to me in the negotiation this afternoon is they tried to get the gunman to explain his grievances, to tell his story.
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but there was a point where the police here felt it was not going well. the hostages were at risk and they used lethal force and the gunman is now dead. >> one of the manifestos he says all program of the discovery must stop encouraging the birth of any parasitic human infants. thank you, and we'll check in later. another fox news alert. hurricane earl has been upgraded to a category four storm now. evacuations are already underway. as earl nears the eastern atlantic coast. tourists are fleeing north carolina vacation islands by ferry. the national weather service now issued a hurricane warning for much of the north carolina coast. and hurricane watches from virginia to delaware. correspondent jonathan serrie is live in hill devil hills, north carolina, with an update. >> reporter: you can see the red flags that the lifeguards have been installing on the
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beach. it's been a beautiful sunny day here, they are worried about the heavier than usual surf in the atlantic and potentially riptides. earlier today, the lifeguards had to go out and rescue a surfer who could not bat the rip tides. they got him to shore safely. as you look at some of the cottages along the beaches, not seeing any of the boarding up that you normally would, if they were anticipating a direct hit from the hurricane. as you look at the path of the hurricane, the forecasters believe the eye of the storm will stay out to sea. nevertheless, the category four hurricane is a particularly strong storm. and so they are anticipating at least tropical storm force winds where i'm standing right now. potentially hurricane force winds. so many residents and visitors not wanting to take any chances. those who are not leaving the islands are stocking up on food, water, medical supplies, preparing to hunker down and preparing for the worst. bret, back to you. >> bret: this could still jog
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to the west and change that trajectory, right? >> that is always the concern. that's why the red cross and other officials say it's so important to have that emergency supply kit so if the storm takes a jog to the west and they suffer the brunt of the hurricane force winds even if it doesn't rise to category four to be prepared in case the infrastructure is knocked out for several days, bret. >> bret: jonathan serrie live. thank you. ♪ ♪ >> bret: a changing of the guard in alaska, where a candidate most people had never heard of as recently as a month ago is now arguing for something the state isn't used to. correspondent dan springer is in anchorage with that story. >> the approach that we have, it's very much one that had bipartisan appeal. >> this is the face and platform of alaska republican nominee in the race for u.s. senator. >> basically bringing control back to the state. basically minimizing the
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power of the federal government. >> political dynasty ended when murkowski thanked her supporters and conceded the republican primary to first-time candidate joe miller. >> we know we still have outstanding votes to count in the primary. but based on where we are right now, i don't see a primary that would turn out in my favor. >> in 2006, frank murkowski lost in the republican primary to then mayor of wasila sarah palin who also played a major role in lisa's defeat. after the former governor and vice presidential nominee backed miller, the tea party express jumped in, too. spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on campaign ads, painting lisa murkowski as too liberal. believing internal polls that showed her with a double digit lead, murkowski never
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did go negative. >> i'm so proud of the campaign we conducted. it was honorable, enger etic and what a campaign should be. >> but it got nasty after miller accused murkowski of vote tampering and criticized the national republican committee for sending a staffer to help murkowski. in bowing out last night, murkowski did not endorse miller or take questions from the media. miller, a yale law school grad and iraq war vet thanked palin and the tea party and beliefs the republican party will come together in november. >> i think we are going forward in a unified way. it's my understanding that they endorsed yesterday. >> joe miller is going to need republican party unity. he is by no means a shoo-in against the democrat scott mcadams in the general
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election race. but for now, at least the tea party can celebrate a sweet and surprising victory. bret? >> bret: dan springer live in anchorage tonight. thank you. that brings us to our featured text to vote poll tonight. here is the question. why do you think joe miller won? you can text your answer to 36288. type sr1 for anti-washington sentiment. sr2 for his platform. sr3 for sarah palin's endorsement. or sr4 for the tea party support. we'll bring you results at the end of the show. but first, and up next, an exclusive interview with secretary of defense robert gates.
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>> bret: one night after president obama announced the official end of operation
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iraqi freedom and the beginning of the next phase of american presence in the embattled country, correspondent james rosen is traveling with defense secretary robert gates in iraq and has this exclusive interview. ♪ ♪ >> in a change of command ceremony at camp victory in baghdad, vice president biden and defense secretary gates joined iraqi military officers to mark the formal end of u.s. combat missions in iraq and the launch of operation new dawn, under which the roughly 50,000 american troops still in iraq and due to leave by the end of 2011 to advise and assist the iraqi forces now in the lead of securing their own country. >> i pray that all those scarred by this war in iraq come to know the bomb of lasting peace. and i believe, i truly believe that their darkest days are now behind them. >> the change in u.s. mission come more than seven years after the bush administration citing wmd stock piles never
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found invaded baghdad and toppled saddam hussein's regime. was the war worth it? the answer he made clear awaits and is burdened by the war's history. >> even if the outcome is a good one from the stand point of the united states, it will always be clouded by how it began. >> in an interview with fox news in baghdad, gates favorably compared his current boss who opposed the troop surge in iraq with his former boss the architect of the surge. >> president obama has been very aggressive, i would say just as aggressive if not perhaps somewhat more so in some places in going after terrorists and going after al-qaeda than the bush administration was. >> asked if the concept of regime change now stands permanently discredited, gates again invoked history. >> if there had been a chance to eliminate hitler in 1934, would it have been morally
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justifiable? most people would say yes. you can't dismiss it. but i think you have to be extremely cautious about it. particularly, after our experience in iraq, i think the standard of proof that would be required politically is significantly higher now than it would have been seven or ten years ago. >> speaking to the american legion in milwaukee on tuesday en route to iraq, secretary gates said with the invasion of iraq, afghanistan became a second tier priority for troops, money and equipment. now all eyes are returning to afghanistan. indeed, 20,000 d.o.d. vehicles have been shipped from iraq to afghanistan. travelling with the secretary of defense in baghdad, james rosen, fox news. >> bret: the president took time from his speech iraq theme to discuss what is weighing on everyone's minds: the economy. chief washington correspondent jim angle has that part of the story. >> in the speech, president
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obama seemed to blame the war in iraq on the nation's economic problems. >> unfortunately, over the last decade, we have not done what is necessary to shore up foundations of the prosperity. we spent $1 trillion at war financed by borrowing from overseas. >> part of that spending was on the war in afghanistan, which president obama embraces and defends, even if he plans on withdrawal. on iraq, the congressional budget office analysis shows the cost there was less than 15% of total deficit spending in the bush years. >> the idea that the cost of the iraq war has some relationship to the economic catastrophe of 2008 is just flatly wrong. >> nevertheless, the president obama blames spending in iraq which totalled $700 billion over eight years. >> this in turn shortchanged investment in our own people and contributed to record deficit. >> president obama spenning in the first two years on the stimulus already exceeded the cost of the war over eight years by more than $150
6:17 pm
billion. >> so to argue that somehow defense spending is what has created the economic conditions is really, that's just pure politics. >> the spending in iraq pales in comparison to spending that's done by the administration, the last two years. >> president obamas a makes the iraq war sound like a choice, not a necessary. but that's not how democratic lawmakers saw at the time. many were convinced that saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction and was crazy enough to use them. even a presidential democratic candidate voted to go to war on that basis. >> disarm saddam hussein because i believe a deadly arsenal of weapons of mass destruction in his hands is a threat. and a grave threat to our security. >> saddam's battling with the weapon inspector and use of weapons on his own people increase suspicion and reminded some of the modern day iran and the nuclear program. >> those who think this is a horrible, terrible thing that will change the world, right? well, that is really how we
6:18 pm
thought about iraq by then. >> many argue it was deep concern about national security, not of disregard for the economy that propelled the u.s. to act in iraq and wonder how mr. obama would respond under similar circumstances. >> bret? >> bret: thank you. the institute for supply management says american manufacturering expanded for the 13th straight month but construction spending dropped to lowest in a decade. the stocks were up big today. many analysts believe the jump was because of a strong showing overseas in china and australia and first of the month buys. the dow here gained 255 points. the s&p 500 was up 31. nasdaq added 53. we preview process of middle east peace coming up. first, in the site of the hostage site over, explosive robot we're told is moving toward the discovery building.
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>> bret: dutch prosecutors say two yemeni men arrested in amsterdam's airport on monday amid fears they were conducting a dry run for a terrorist attack have been freed without charges. the department of homeland security said american authorities had found suspicious items in their luggage but a u.s. official later cast doubt that the men were part of a terrorism plot. the obama administration added pakistani taliban to the international terrorism blacklist. the group is blamed for the failed car bombing in new york's times square. three bombs killed 14 people and wounded 100 more in a religious procession in the eastern city of lahor.
6:23 pm
president obama is hoping to achieve something no previous president has: middle east peace. white house correspondent major garrett is live at the white house with what we can expect in the latest round of talks. >> good evening. the president met one-on-one in the oval office with the israeli and palestinian leaders, prelude for the first direct talks in years. amid the political jostling, hamas terrorists killed several and forced them in a confrontation with hamas. moments ago in the rose garden, president said america wants peace in the middle east but, "we cannot do it for them." >> president obama knows he is confronting a history of failure. top aides worry peace talks could break down over the issue of israeli settlement and disputed territory, but the obstacle was quaint next to the carnage they left.
6:24 pm
angry and grief over the four murdered innocents, one a pregnant woman, torpedo talks before they started. after a private meet, seething prime minister benjamin netanyahu vowed to stay at the negotiating table despite hamas provocation. >> people have no respect for human right or trample rights in the dust and butcher everything that they to oppose. >> the president acknowledged the killings drove israeli security to the top of the peace talks' agenda. >> the united states is going to be unwavering in the support of israel security. >> hamas on the state department terrorist list was unrependent. >> this is a response to the crime of the palestinian people. >> it dominates the strip and poses threat to on the palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas. mr. obama met with abbas privately and escorted him to the white house hours after
6:25 pm
abbas ordered arrest of 250 hamas militants. a security sweep they said was act of treason. the government despite the risk is siding with israel. >> the response of the palestinians is to double the efforts to reach the kind of peace which will end the occupation. >> face-to-face talks are due to begin tomorrow at the state department and the violence has not scuddled the talk give the white house some hope the recent push for peace might have a chance of succeeding. bret? >> we'll see you later for the online show. american service member died in fighting in southern afghanistan today. nato gave no other information about the soldier's death, the first of the new month. the 20th, the 20th in less than five days. fox news confirms that north korea has changed the names of some of its trading companies in an effort to avoid terrific u.n. sanctions.
6:26 pm
that ban restricts north korea from selling weapons overseas but officials say the north is exporting arms through china using forged documents. defense secretary gates says he believes north korea is supporting states that sponsor terrorism. when asked by james rosen if pyongyang should return to the state sponsor of terrorism list gates said it's a decision for the secretary of state hillary clinton. folks, don't forget about the text to vote poll. here is the question again: why do you think joe miller won in alaska? text your answer to 36288. type sr1 for anti-washington sentiment. sr2 for his platform. sr3 for sarah palin's endorsement. or sr4 for the tea party support. results plus an all-star panel discussion later in the show. up next, grapevine. launch my watchlist -- a popping stock catches my eye. pull up the price chart. see what the analysts say.
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delicious news for dessert lovers. introducing new activia dessert. rich yogurt with desserty flavors like strawberry cheesecake and peach cobbler. mmm. you've got to try this. new activia dessert. ♪ activia >> bret: fox news alert. police in suburban washington, miles from the capitol here said gunman that took hostages earlier today is dead. that all the hostages are now safe and the police are still looking for explosives in that building. catherine herridge is live outside the discovery communication building with the latest. good evening. >> i have been here for four hours and things have been extremely fluid. at 4:00 eastern, based on a briefing we had from the
6:31 pm
montgomery county police, that the negotiation with the suspect were not going well. what we know is at that point the police moved in a tactical unit and could see the suspect james lee with a video camera. at 4:48 it was clear to police that the hostages were under threat. and they had to act. >> at one point, the suspect, reported that he pulled out a handgun he came in with and pointed it at one of the hostages. it's unconfirmed now whether he actually fired the weapon or not. our tactical unit moved in and they shot the suspect. the suspect is deceased. the hos tangs were all --
6:32 pm
hostages were all able to safely get out of the building. >> the situation is not resolved. james lee came in to the building wearing explosive vest and had two items, boxes and back packs and the police are working under the assumption that the four items have explosives inside so they have to clear them from the buildi. bret? >> bt:hank you. the beeping sounds are from the crosswalk. we'll head back for breaking details. ♪ ♪ >> bret: and now some fresh piings from the politica grapevin two weeks ago on "special report," we told you aut fox news parent company news corp $1 million donation to the republican governors association. updating that story w, this
6:33 pm
woet workgreed to run an ad for media matters for america, critical of the denation. i recently sat down with the chairman of the r.g.a., mississippi governor haley barbour and asked about the donation. >> you recently secured a $1 million donation from news corp., the parent company of fox news. >> yes. >> that was a surprise to us, to many of us. how did it come about? >> i asked rupert murdock to help us and he thought about it and cald me back and said he wanted to help us. i'm very grateful. >> do you think fox news will cover r.g.a. or you differently because of that? >> no. i don't think anybody else does. general electric gives money to the r.g.a. and they own nbc. i don't think nbc is going to cover us any differently either because of general electric contributing to the rga. >> bret: as of this hour, fox news sales department says
6:34 pm
media matters has not yet come up with the money to run the ad. dance fever at the white house. first lady michelle obama announced several of the world's best known dance companies will perform in the east room for the obama administration first event celebrating dance. it will feature ballet, modern, contemporary, broadway and hip-hop. there have been more than 50 cultural events in the white house in the past year-and-a-half. a woman was banned from a houston area mall for failure to show i.d. after a police officer approached her for talking too loudly in the food court. natasha connor was escorted and said she couldn't return for ten years but after further review the mall manager threw out the ban. we are learning more about the ground zero mosque project, including more about
6:35 pm
those who oppose the project. we have the latest. >> reporter: new controversy surfaced for feisal abdul rauf, the spiritual leader of the proposed mosque and community center near ground zero. according to the project on terrorism, questions emerged how a muslim group led by rauf obtained tax exempt status. the group the american muslim association, amsa says on the tax exempt application it hosted and conducted prayer and meditation sessions. it listed the worship place as a new york city apartment house and claimed the average attendance at the worship services between 450 and 500. the problem according to the investigative project on terrorism is the building lacks the necessary space to house that many con gre gants. furthermore, the records show his wife had apartment in the building. they did not return our phone call and rauf is out of the
6:36 pm
country until tomorrow on a tour promoting interfaith dialogue. speaking of local tv stations, she had this to say about those who opposed the mosque near ground zero. >> it's led by a very small group. and they have succeeded in arousing confusion and suspicion in a broader base of people. this is unfortunate. >> supporters of the mosque including dozen of organizations rallied on wednesday on the steps of new york city hall. among demonstrators, new york city congressman charles rangel. >> this isn't a problem for muslims. it's a problem for america doing the right thing and respecting our constitution. >> meanwhile, the u.s. state department which has taken flak for funding rauf ice overseas tour says they're pleased with his trip. the imam says the controversy expanded beyond a piece of real estate, critics say it's all about location, location, location. in new york, david lee miller, fox news. >> bret: big senate races
6:37 pm
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>> bret: major senatorial debate takes place tonight in california. correspondent anita vogel has preview of issues that could help voters decide the contest. >> let's put it this way. it's not about hair. >> making light of a jab her republican rival carly fiorina took at her hairstyle, california democratic senator boxer says she is getting ready to take on real issues at their first debate. >> stop giving any tax breaks to companies who ship jobs overseas. >> a strong defender of abortion right and the environment, boxer is turning now to the economy. in this tight race against former hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina. a recent ramussen poll has boxer leading by one point. >> she has never had a tough election for a senate. this is a tough election.
6:41 pm
the national republican smell blood. they smell vulnerability. >> this ad sponsored by a conservative group with ties to karl rove is hitting the airwaves in california, sign the republican party believes that fiorina can unseat boxer. >> what people resent is barbara boxer has never made a tough choice and said let's tax more, spend more, borrow more. >> campaigning across the state, fiorina is sticking to her conservative platform. she is pro-life and supports offshore isle drilling, a tough sell in a state that usually elects moderate republicans. with the california unemployment rate nearing 13%, fiorina says this year, the voters are focussed on the economy. >> the people of california are looking for people who created a job, who signed the front of paycheck and knows what it takes to cut billions
6:42 pm
in expenditures. >> unwilling to concede any ground, boxer touts her degree in economics and her early career as a stockbroker and insists she is able to give fiorina a run for her money. >> i have never been known as someone who didn't play hardball so just watch me. >> tonight's debate could be the first and only time these two candidates square off before november. the outcome of the election could change the political landscape in california. last time they elected a republican to the senate was pete wilson in 1988. if san francisco, anita vogel, fox news. >> delaware could be in for a political fight as well and tea party may factor in again. chief political correspondent carm cameron has that story. >> 71-year-old nine-term delaware republican mike castle a proud moderate endorsed months ago by the state g.o.p. as the no, ma'am fee for vice president joe biden's former senate seat.
6:43 pm
now castle and the backers face a serious threat on their right. >> conservative activists christine o'donnell who has run for congress twice before attended glenn beck's rally this weekend. she has trailed by double digit in the poll and has mounting conservative anti-sentiment behind her. >> delaware republican voters are angry because for too long they had to hold their nose and accept mike castle who hisserly supported a liberal democrat agenda. >> castle ignored the rival for months but cannot avoid her now. we caught up with both of them at a non-political fundraiser for alzheimer's research. castle has more money, organization and name i.d. but with the primary less than two weeks away and o'donnell catching on, trying to rip her up as too far right. >> the democrats have serious questions about her. there is virtually no chance of getting elected.
6:44 pm
>> the attack comes as o'donnell waits the political action committee, the group that helped joe miller oust murkowski in the alaska primary. >> castle is not without counterpunches, questioning o'donnell fiscal conservatism based on the personal finances, including a lean against her former home which she sold rather than face foreclosure. debt to former campaign staffer and issues with the i.r.s. >> she may be a fiscal conservative but have had problems in her personal life. respect to that. no governmental experience whatsoever. she just state what is she believes in as opposed to ever carried anything out. >> the republican establishment and delaware and now moving to politically squash o'donnell, saying because she's extreme with too much personal baggage.
6:45 pm
she and the tea party express say it's because she the real conservative in the race. in greenville, delaware, carl cameron, fox news. >> the president's iraq speech dealt with afghanistan and the economy. the fox all-stars will tackle the economy part after the break. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] giving up cigarettes can take more than willpower alone.
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but today's a new day. for many, smoking is a treatable medical condition. so talk to your doctor about prescription treatment options and support. and this time, make it your time.
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unfortunately, over the last decade, we have not done what is necessary to shore up the foundations of our own prosperity. we spent a trillion dollars at war, often financed from borrowing overseas and this in term shortchanged investment in our own people and contributed to record deficits. for too long, we have put off tough decisions on everything
6:49 pm
from the manufacturering base, to our energy policy to education reform. >> bret: in the oval office speech last night, president obama seemed to blame the iraq war for some of the nation's economic problems. on that score, the congressional budget office came out with a bar graph in which it shows the spending, the deficit, the cost. the cost there was less than 15% of the total deficit spending during the bush years from the iraq war. according to the cbo. what about the president's economic portion of the speech? let's bring in the panel. bill kristol, editor of "weekly standard." a.b. stoddard from "the hill." and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. bill? >> it's obviously nonsense. the iraq war, as you say, the deficits were declining while fighting the iraq war and they've gone up in the last two years as the president unwound the number of troops in iraq and the amount spent on the stimulus and healthcare swamps.
6:50 pm
the amount spent on the iraq war. like they sat around the white house and said we're get criticized, everybody is worried about the economy when you do an iraq speech. we'll shoe horn in a couple paragraphs on the economy. i don't want to be contentious but maybe we'll tie it to iraq. we spent a lot of money on that. it's really -- i was more favorably disposed to my friends but those were silly. >> bret: on the foreign policy side. on the economy side, a.b., did you feel it had a little disjointedness to it? >> it was a difficult pivot for him to make. i agree with bill. they elevated -- this do you have been given at the vfw. they elevated it by making it the second oval office address and trying to command the attention of the american public by the end of combat operations in iraq and he knows he is under pressure to address the economy the issue that americans are focussed on. but they are not focussed on the combat troops leaveking
6:51 pm
iraq. i think it was an effort to blend them together. the sound bite you played of him saying it's a trillion, most borrowed from overseas, it could be description of the stimulus package as well. it was hard for him to make the case leaving iraq, there is no coalition formed. things are unstable there. he wasn't able to tell us we're safer now as we leave, for us to have a pay for. he couldn't thread the needle. >> bret: charles, do you extrapolate we need to get out of afghanistan, too, to make the economy better as well? >> bret: that seemed to be part of the subtle implication of that. >> he did say he stopped the deadline he gave of july 2011, which you thought he might have undone because of criticism he's got that is encouraging the enemy in
6:52 pm
afghanistan. said by the marine corps. but he didn't. preparing for a withdrawal. if he is attacked then, part of the defense and placate the left is to say it helps economically. it show what is he cares about in the end. giving the first address on iraq from the oval office and you expect after discussing iraq and afghanistan to discuss larger issues, beyond pakistan and rise of al-qaeda in gentlemen. somalia who are near seizing control of the country and is civil war about to reemerge in southern sudan. a whole arc of the world. which is in flames. declared end to global war on terror so what is his vision? where is this all about? that's where you expect he
6:53 pm
will go. does a pivot in economics and cbo show by the numbers it has on the cost of the whole iraqi operation, half of what the budget deficit alone will be in this year. >> bret: bill, on the economy, is the president do you think going to come forward with specific ideas to different ideas to try to help the economy? >> they want tax cuts for 59% of the people and they have no legislation. they let this go until labor day of 2010 and no piece of legislation embodying the tax proposal. they've got to try to do something. they will be bad unemployment numbers friday. i think -- the white house might try to go for broke and do something bold, you know, payroll tax holiday or something. it looks like desperation that it will be hard to do
6:54 pm
something. republicans now, feeling what they should do and might do, they should say look, extent all the tax cuts. we want to work with you, mr. president and with you, speaker pelosi. let's do it and get the business community and the citizens stability for the next two years. please, please, pass them out. we could do this when we have a ma juror any the january, that republicans will have but do it now. that put the president and a lot of democratic members in congress would be hard pressed to say oh, no, let's not provide predictability for two years. >> bret: a.b. there is not a budget right now. we are still operating on a continuing resolution. >> as for the tax debate, it's interesting. it continues to divide the democrats and there is increasing pressure from those most vulnerable facing re-election in tough campaigns about the prospect of trying to move with one-year extension of all. and then let's take this on in 2011 about sun setting the top two brackets. increasing pressure from the midup to the leadership. >> bret: every time anyone
6:55 pm
talks about, vice president biden, any of treasury secretary geithner they -- >> the administration is on one page, we're sunsetting the top bracket. but you talk to members of congress and they would like a one-year -- >> would president obama veto? think about that. is the president of the united states going to veto the extension of the current tax rates for the next year? >> i think he will. that's all he's got. class warfare. that's all they have. they'll stick to it. >> bret: straight ahead, the panel weighs in from the result of the text to vote poll. why did joe miller win the alaska g.o.p. primary for u.s. senate? your answers next. that's going to go right in your glove. ohhh.
6:56 pm
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>> time to reveal the results of tonight's text to vote poll. we asked you why do you think joe miller won the alaska g.o.p. primary for u.s. senate? the results from your text messages and on-line votes, anti-establishment sentiment. 41%. his platform, 11%. sarah palin's endorsement, 28%. the tea party support, 20%. thanks to everyone who voted. 6,000 votes tonight. your thoughts, charles? >> palin effect absolutely. she's a big star in alaska. without it, he would have lost. >> there is a growing anti-establishment sentiment among alaska republicans. for years, they sent their incumbents back, the late ted stevens, congressman don young. it is the anti-establishment sentiment that palin was able to knock off frank murkowski in 2006 and become


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